Why Are MDF Skirting Boards So Popular?

An MDF skirting board is an artificially made baseboard. How?

This skirting board is engineered using wood particles that are subjected to pressure and heat and bound together by resin and adhesives. So cool, right?

Almost everywhere you go and see some nice-looking skirting boards, you are told they are MDF. Why have they gained this much popularity in the existence of others?

What are MDF's strengths?

  • They have a similarity to particle boards except that they are much denser. This makes them really durable. And who doesn't love durability?
  • People are wondering why MDFs are being preferred while natural wood is available. Well, maybe there is the prevention of global warming in people's minds but the lack of knots in MDFs is one major advantage. Their soft and smooth texture makes it really easy for the worst painter's work to look appealing.
  • It's resistance to moisture is another plus too. When subjected to moisture, it doesn't swell or dampen and this makes it ideal for use everywhere.
  • For their specific qualities, MDF skirting boards are extremely affordable.
  • What about a perfect finish? An MDF skirting board has straight and smooth edges that do not need you to struggle making a perfect finish. They save a ton of time and beauty.


MDF skirting boards are really flexible. You can nail, glue or screw them in installation and they won't break or lose shape in any way. This makes them perfect for even a novice who will have no complications installing them. They also come pre-primed and hence easy for DIY installation.

Wrap Up

With all these advantages, you can say that the MDF skirting board is worth the love and just like internet, it is are here to stay. With the varieties of the material coming out every day, MDF skirting boards might take over the skirting world.